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Francine Dee

Francine Dee
Profession: Centerfold
Aliases: Djhoanna Dee, Holly, Chase, Joy
Country of Origin: China
Ethnicity: Asian
Birthday: 1978-07-21(40 years old)
Heigth: 160
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Brown
Measurements: 38E-23-33
Fake boobs: Yes
Extra Info:
"I'm 3/4 Filipina and 1/4 Chinese. I grew up in the
Philippines, but was actually born in Hong Kong. My family
moved to Los Angeles, CA when I was 5 years old, and I've
been here ever since. Believe it or not, I attended Catholic
school. I guess it's true what they say about being cooped up
with strict rules, you go buck wild!!! Anyhow I was never
shy, actually, I've always been exceptionally friendly. I was
always the most talkative one in class, I could never help
getting in trouble. There was never a dull moment in school.
Then came high school. Finally no more uniforms! I attended
Hoover High in Glendale, CA. I don't really have that much to
say about school because I ditched. Ha ha, yup. My friends
and I always found something better to do. Be it hanging out
watching soap operas or gossiping the whole day, as long as
it wasn't in class. I had to buy merits to graduate. I either
had to do after school clean up or sell tickets. I took the
tickets, about $350.00 worth of tickets. I hit the epitomy of
laziness when instead of selling the tickets, I bought all my
tickets. My parents had a hard time with it though. Boy did
they have a hard time. Hey what can I say I was a teenager.
However my mother never let my mischief go unpunished. She
was exceptionally strict with boys (what mom wasn't!) Overall
they knew I was a good kid, a bit of a screw ball, but they
knew I was no criminal. I was 20 years old when I started
modeling. They both had heart failure when they realized what
I did. I was certain they would chop me up to little pieces
and send me to Timbuktu. Thank God they didn't. It had to be
some kind of a divine intervention that I'm still here. My
first modeling experience was for a calendar shoot. It was a
calendar for colored women. I guess it was flattering that I
was picked for the project, but I felt quite awkward. I
worked with two of the other models. And my jaw dropped
straight to the ground when I saw them. They were both golden
brown with booty for days and I felt so pale and figureless.
The second calendar I did which was 1999 Pacific Coast Happas
was the one that introduced me to the import scene. The
company was promoting it in car show events and that's how
people got to know me. I loved the response I got and that's
why I continue to model. I've started to branch out in
different sectors in the modeling industry. Then I started to
get into glamour photography, working with different
magazines. It made me so happy seeing my pictures published.
I called all my friends and told them to go check out the
news stands. I never thought I would make a living doing what
I love do. I don't even consider it a job. It's tooo much fun
to be considered work.
Francine Dee

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